The cover of the 2004 Babe Ruth program was designed with a patriotic theme. It was a concept of mine that with the assistance of John & Ron of Gam Printers I was able to put it into print. Against the light blue background you will find each state listed along with the addition of Canada and Puerto Rico who have in the past and presently the opportunity to participate in the games. In front of the American Flag is the official ball of the 2001 Babe Ruth World Series games. Notice the pure white background of the ball is stitched with red and blue.. The ball used in this picture was given to me by the Officials of 2001 games.

Gus Glikas



2004 Babe Ruth Poster


At the request of the Babe Ruth League,  K&G Video/Photo elected not to display the team and individual photos on the web this year.

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